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Speak my language!

A few extracts from Laurie Anderson‘s Stories form the Nerve Bible.

• On The Way To Jerusalem ↑

There was a devout nun in the XVth century who decided to make a pilgrimage to Jerusalem; and she belonged to an order that wore bags over their heads. And the mother […]

Iggy Pop + Lou Reed

«I had just learned to smoke (cigarettes and grass), and I was excited about it. I had always had asthma and couldn’t smoke. One day I was walking down the street and someone blew a puff in my face from a passing cigarette on a fall day, which is always the worst season. […]

Bill Laswell + David Byrne

The first track from the album City Of Light, by Bill Laswell. It was released Jun 17, 1997 on the Sub Rosa label. In conjunction with the spiritually-infused spoken lines of Lori Carson, Laswell and his crew unearth rhythms seared from volcanic chasms, old tongues, and primitive civilizations.

· […]

Amanda Palmer + Mayo Thompson

¤ Amanda Palmer & The Grand Theft Orchestra ⇐

♦ ‘Want It Back’ ↓

Hearts on a string Like an older fashioned phone can Bang, ringy-ring and you think you’re gonna get some Thing you can bring to a party at your wake not Thinking of the thing that you pay […]

Alison Krauss + Norah Jones

¤ Alison Krauss ◊ ‘Lay My Burden Down’ ↓

Gonna lay my burden down – lay my body in the ground Cold clay against my skin but I don’t care at all

Can’t seem to find my piece of mind so with the earth I’ll lay entwined Six feet underground – my feet are […]

ani difranco + Patti Smith

•→ ‘Woe be gone’ ⇐[«Allergic to water»_ 2014]

♦ ‘See See See See’ ⇓ (live)

… Baby if you like What you see see see see Then make me feel nice And baby tell me, tell me Tell me with your eyes Tell me in the glance of […]

Tom Waits + Bruce Sprinsteen

¤ TOM WAITS ⇐ •→Rock’n’Roll Hall of Fame⇐ / •→http://genius.com⇐


♥→‘Heart Attack & Wine’ ⇓ ♠ ‘Xmas Card From A Hooker In Minneapolis’ ⇓

hey charlie i’m pregnant and living on the 9th street right above a dirty bookstore off euclid avenue and i stopped takin’ dope […]

Tony Joe White + J J Cale

Some people talk just to hear their lips rattle Got to high positions – Same old ship but with a different paddler Told me that I had to get commercialized if I was gonna fit in with the show, no Don’t want no one telling me I got to I move in […]

Bob Dylan + The Band

•→http://genius.com/search?q=bob+dylan⇐ «I’ve always been a fan of Dylan’s paintings and drawings. I love his hockey player painting, used by the Band on their LP cover for Music from Big Pink. I also love Dylan’s painting for his own album Self Portrait. Before we parted, I asked Bob if he could do a charcoal drawing for […]

Merle Haggard + Willie Nelson

Originally a troubled youngster who served time in San Quentin prison (from 1957 through 1960), California native Merle Haggard [1937-2016] grew to become a country music legend. With 38 number one hits and 250 original songs, he remains one of the best-known and most covered artists in country music.

♦ […]

F L + 9″ Nails + Metallica + RHCP

¤ The Flaming Lips

The Flaming Lips are Wayne Coyne, Steven Drozd, Michael Ivins, Kliph Scurlock, and Derek Brown with Phantogram and Liz Allen.

The band is best known for its associations with 1960s and 1970s psychedelic subculture, with elements of this culture permeating the group’s instrumentation, effects, […]

Rush + Martha & the Muffins

¤ The Rush ⇔ Alex Lifeson, Geddy Lee & Neil Peart

Story … ⇒[Part 1] ⇔ [Part 2] ⇔ [Part 3] ⇔ [Part 4] ⇔ [Part 5]⇐

◊→ ‘Xanadu‘ ⇓

In SM Coleridge’s poem, Xanadu is the fictional name of the land […]

Leonard Cohen + Loreena McKennitt

•→http://www.leonardcohenfiles.com/poem.html←• [1934-2016]

∇ ‘You Want It Darker’ ⇓ [2016]

◊ Chelsea Hotel #1 ↓ [1972]

«Here’s a new song that we… just wrote off a couple of weeks ago – takes place in the Chelsea Hotel, in New York City, and it’s for a brave woman who.. er… put an end […]

Robbie Robertson + Daniel Lanois

She walks alone down a sleazy backstreet, around a corner, up an alley to a dead end There under a small blue light, she enters an unmarked doorway A low heartbeat, a low pounding escapes into the night

This is a place she goes to fulfill a very basic need Something […]


Formed in 1973 in Sydney, Australia, AC/DC found their earliest success in their native country. After releasing their albums in the U.S. and touring outside of Australia in the late 1970s, the band began to receive international recognition. Their breakthrough was «Highway to Hell», but this success was marred by the death […]

Mick Harvey + Nick Cave

Mick Harvey (born 29 August 1958) is an Australian rock musician, singer-songwriter, composer, arranger and record producer. A multi-instrumentalist, he is best known for his long-term collaborations with Nick Cave, with whom he formed The Boys Next Door, The Birthday Party and Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds.

◊ A cover […]

John Cale

La Naissance De l’Amour →

“I would go home to Wales for Christmas and the summer when the school term wasn’t on. I used to get a kick out of trying to surprise Mum by showing up unexpectedly, but I could never do it. Every time I’d come she’d turn to […]

The Whistlebinkies + Robin Williamson

For almost 40 years the Whistlebinkies have toured the world with their own brand of authentic Scottish traditional music. The quirky name is derived from the old Scots word for a bench: a ‘bink’. A whistlebinkie was someone who played the whistle whilst sitting on the bink. Other musicians who joined became known […]

Emily Smith + Rod Stewart

•→ Emily Smith introducing «TRAIVELLER’S JOY» (released on Jan. 24th, 2011)

◊ ‘Sweet Lover of Mine’ ↓ 2011 Cambridge Folk Festival

As I cam o’er by Bonny Moor Hill – Every rose grows bonny in time I met a wee lass, and they ca’ed her Nell – Longing to […]

The Chieftains + Van Morrison

¤ The Chieftains

The Irish band, which hasn’t stopped playing music since 1962, holds the record for being the artists who have toured the world more extensively: they’ve played countries which few people bother to visit. They also have the record for being the band which has played with […]