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Message to readers

We wish to express our grateful acknowledgment to all the owners of the visual images enhancing our website. They have been ‘borrowed’ without giving their authors the credit they deserve.


The best way to do so is to use the “CATEGORIAS” on […]

Short texts & proverbs

«Good stuff, if brief, twice as good.» – It was an Aragonese writer that said that (Baltasar Gracián)

There are two good reasons why English learners should take interest in these expressions of oral tradition. For one thing, they provide an extraordinary word bank you can always turn to […]

Development of Argument Skills


Click here → Development Of Argument Skills to know a little bit more.

Think carefully what to say when you begin a discussion.

Try to “win” the argument as quickly as you can. Say sorry if something is really your fault. Never avoid an argument by refusing to talk. […]

Readers made easy

Quick links to newspapers, magazines and other online reference materials:

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Φ This is what you´ll find next: 8 simplified versions of great books you can read online…

The same story has been adapted for three stages of learning.

¤ ELEMENTARY: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle: […]


The word “traduce” is a falso amigo for Spaniards. It actually means ‘calumniar’, ‘difamar’ [Eng. “slander”]. Need I say more?

What follows is some modern fiction passages translated into Spanish.

To start with, here’s my own translation of the beginning and end of …

♦ JD […]

How to destroy the world




I read this in theprisma (The Multicultural Newspaper) on 16th August 2012. ¤ Planned Obsolescence – Death on the Instalment Plan

An idea that belongs to capitalism: producing goods that soon stop working (programmed death) and have to be replaced time […]


♣ Three reading links at

•→dramatic_men⇐ / •→comic_women⇐ / •→children⇐

¤ Bob Rafelson‘s «Five Easy Pieces» [1970]

⇓ Bobby Dupea’s (Jack Nicholson) monologue with his old mute father

Are you […]

Walkabout [N. Roeg]

Very few films achieve a kind of subliminal greatness with cross-cultural impact, but Walkabout is one of those: a visual tone poem that functions more as an allegory than a conventionally plotted adventure.

Considered a cult favorite for years, Nicolas Roeg‘s 1971 film is about two British […]

The Shining [S Kubrick]

A family heads to an isolated hotel for the winter where an evil and spiritual presence influences the father into violence, while his psychic son sees horrific forebodings from the past and of the future. Based on Stephen King‘s work of the same title

The Twins… ↓ «Come Play With Us…» [Stanley Kubrick, […]

Two centuries of piracy

Read Don C. Seitz’s ◊ Under The Black Flag: Exploits Of The Most Notorious Pirates

Riveting account traces careers of buccaneers of many nationalities across 2 centuries and around the globe —from the West Indies to the South Seas.

No access to the full book, but click the pic for a […]

England, England [J Barnes]

Julian Barnes contributes a previously unseen extract from his novel England, England.

Sir Jack Pitman creates a theme park on the Isle of Wight (=’England England’) that duplicates the tourist spots of England. Within easy walking distance are replicas of Big Ben (half size), Princess Di’s grave, Harrods, Stonehenge, and […]

Read Short Stories Online

«The business of the novelist is not to relate great events, but to make small ones interesting» [Arthur Schopenhauer]

Since 2008, has aimed to cultivate interest in Canadian and International fiction from new and emerging writers. They publish a broad range of adjudicated fiction, […]


Mullah Nasreddin (also spelled Nasruddin) has gathered stories from far and wide during his extensive travels. His peregrinations have taken him from Beijing to Boston, from Delhi to Delaware. He can’t remember where he was born: it was so long ago, and he’s been to so many places, that wherever he is he […]

Charles Bukowski

1920 – 1994

American prolific poet, short story writer and novelist; author of ‘Notes of a Dirty Old Man’, ‘Love Is a Dog from Hell’, and the autobiographical novels, ‘Women’, ‘Hollywood’, and ‘Post Office’.

Generally speaking, you’re free till you’re about four years old. And then… five around, since you […]

J G Ballard

1930 – 2009 ¤ JG Ballard‘s fertile imagination fancifully envisaged yet another World War where the British and the Americans fought on different sides. This story, «Theatre of War» was published in his book ‘Myths of the Near Future’, and it’s written in a style which looks much the same as a TV script. […]

Theodore Sturgeon

1918 – 1985

← Read (icon or below) extract from ‘VENUS + X’


Charlie Johns has been snatched from his home on 61 North 34th Street and delivered to the strange future world of Ledom. Here, violence is a vague and improbable notion. Technology has triumphed over hunger, overpopulation, […]

The Wasp Factory [I. Banks]

If you’ve read Iain Banks‘s novel, you’ll enjoy the BBC-Radio 4 interview.


Includes an excerpt from Chapter 8 read by Iain Banks himself. Transcript below . . .

Iain Banks meets James Naughtie and readers at the National Library of Scotland in Edinburgh to talk about his […]

Through The Tunnel [D. Lessing]

¤ Doris Lessing [1919-2013]

In her long and complex career, Doris Lessing, the winner of the 2007 Nobel Prize in literature, has traversed the savannas of Africa, the crooked streets of London and the chilly reaches of outer space. Irving Howe once described her as “the archaeologist of human relations,” […]

Don deLillo

¤ Director’s Cut: Underworld by Don DeLillo

For the 60th anniversary of the Shot Heard ‘Round the World, read an excerpt from

Pafko at the Wall ↓ the prologue to DeLillo’s American epic.

Another except from Underworld . . .

We were about thirty miles below the Canadian border […]

The World According to Garp [excerpt]

An international bestseller since its publication in 1978, The World According to Garp established John Irving as one of the most imaginative writers of his generation.

This is the life and times of T. S. Garp, the bastard son of Jenny Fields, a feminist leader ahead of her […]