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Trilok Gurtu + Nana Vasconcelos

TG is a master of Indian music, tabla, percussion, and Western drumming: he plays a unique hybrid East-West drum set up. He is also a visionary composer whose musical adventurousness has led him to creative fusions of Indian music with jazz, rock, classical, and ethnic music from all over the world. Gurtu’s eclectic […]

Jan Garbarek + John Surman

Jan Garbarek‘s sound is one of the hallmarks of the ECM Records label (Edition of Contemporary Music), founded in Munich, Germany, in 1969 by Manfred Eicher, who has always granted musicians total freedom to release as many records as they like. ECM’s motto is

‘the Most Beautiful Sound […]

Anouar Brahem + Rabih Abou Khalil

أنور ابراهم

Encouraged by his music-loving father, Brahem began studying the oud, at the age of ten, when he enrolled at the National Conservatory of Music. For nearly a decade, he studied with influential oud player Ali Sitri. By the age of fifteen, he was playing well enough to perform […]

Evolving the guitar

•→Charlie Christian: Swing to Bop [1941]

¤ Pat Metheny first burst onto the international jazz scene in 1974. Over the course of his three-year stint with vibraphone great Gary Burton, the young Missouri native already displayed his soon-to-become trademarked playing style, which blended the loose and flexible articulation customarily reserved for […]

Nicholas Payton = The trumpet

Nicholas Payton


•→···«Struttin’ With Some Barbeque» ←[w/ Airmen of Note, 2008]

♦ Vitoria/Gasteiz_2002 ↓

Roy Haynes + Nicholas Payton + Dave Kikoski + Kenny Garrett + Christian McBride

♦ Nicholas Payton Trio_[May, 2014] ⇓

w/ Vicente Archer & Adonis […]

Ornette Coleman + Three Tenors

¤ Pharoah Sanders

«Pharoah is a man of large spiritual reservoir, always trying to reach out to truth. He’s trying to allow his spiritual self to be his guide. He’s dealing, among other trings, in energy, in integrity, in essences.» _ John Coltrane

Sanders made his first […]

Four Top Sax Players

¤ James Carter

Born in Detroit, Michigan (January 3, 1969), he learned to play under the tutelage of Donald Washington, becoming a member of his youth jazz ensemble Bird-Trane-Sco-NOW!! On May 31, 1988, at the DIA (Detroit Institute of Arts), Carter was a last-minute addition for guest artist Lester Bowie which turned […]

Ron Carter + Charlie Haden . . .

¤ Ron Carter

He was named Outstanding Bassist of the Decade by the Detroit News, Jazz Bassist of the Year by Downbeat magazine, and Most Valuable Player by the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences. In 1993 Ron Carter earned a Grammy award for Best Jazz Instrumental Group, the Miles Davis Tribute […]

John Coltrane + Sonny Rollins

John Coltrane & Johnny Hartman ↓ ‘My Only Love’ ⇐(G Wood & R Mellin)

The very thought of you makes my heart sing Like an April breeze on the wings of spring And you appear in all your splendor My one and only love

The shadow’s fall […]

Miles Davis + Charles Mingus

«Don’t call me a legend. Call me Miles Davis.»

Trumpeter-bandleader Miles Davis (1926-1991) was a catalyst for the major innovations in post-bop, cool jazz, hard-bop, and jazz-fusion, and his wispy and emotional trumpet tones were some of the most evocative sounds ever heard. He was also one of the most identifiable and […]

Thelonious Monk + Bud Powell

Besides being the coolest joint in town (not far from this spot), Thelonious was one of the most creative piano players of all times. ⇒ monkzone ⇐ ⇐ Thelonious Monk: Straight, No Chaser – a 1988 documentary produced by Clint Eastwood, Bruce Ricker, and directed/co-produced by Charlotte Zwerin; it features live performances by Monk […]

Charles Parker + Dizzy Gillespie

¤ Charlie ‘Bird’ Parker Alto saxophonist Charlie Parker was born to Charles and Addie Parker, and raised in Kansas City, Kansas until he was seven years old, when his family moved to the culturally thriving Kansas City, Missouri. He began to play the baritone horn in high school, and later switched to the alto saxophone. […]

Count Basie + Duke Ellington

¤ → Count Basie [1904-1984]

Count Basie was among the most important bandleaders of the swing era. With the exception of a brief period in the early ’50s, he led a big band from 1935 until his death almost 50 years later. Basie’s orchestra was characterized by a light, swinging rhythm section […]

The driver’s seat

Gene Krupa has often been considered to be the first drum «soloist.» Drummers usually had been strictly time-keepers or noisemakers, but Krupa interacted with the other musicians and introduced the extended drum solo into jazz. His goal was to support the other musicians while creating his own role within the […]

The Swing Era

Jazz began to «swing» as musicians began to adopt swing eighths, the string bass, high hat cymbals, and a looser, more rhythmic feeling . This change occurred gradually starting in the twenties notably with Louis Armstrong, and continued on into the 40’s. A lot of the music that came out of this period […]

Jazz Voices

«The Sound of Jazz» is a 1957 edition of the CBS television series Seven Lively Arts, and was one of the first major programmes featuring jazz to air on American network television. The one-hour program aired on Sunday, December 8, 1957, at 5 p.m. Eastern Time, live from CBS Studio […]

Diana Krall

Deeply rooted in the jazz tradition, Diana Krall‘s repertoire is not much different than what Ella or Sarah were singing a generation ago. This may sound like the safe choice, but it isn’t. A thousand vocalists have ended up on the boulevard of broken dreams by trying to resuscitate «‘S […]

Women’s voices

… Melody Gardot – Jane Monheit – Hope Waits – Kate Paradise – Tierney Sutton – Karrin Allyson – Emilie-Claire Barlow – Patricia Barber – Madeleine Peyroux – Joni Mitchell – RLJ – Dee Dee Bridgewater …

I love a piano, I love a piano. […]

… Bebop . . . (Hard) Bop

◊ Swing to Bop ↓ [1987]

An Oral History of the Transition in Jazz in the 1940s by Ira Gitler

Click on book →

This indispensable book brings us face to face with some of the most memorable figures in jazz history and charts the […]

‘Ebony & Ivory’

¤ Geri Allen (1957-2017) was the quintessence of a present-day mainstream jazz pianist. Well-versed in a variety of modern jazz styles from bop to free, Allen steers a middle course in her own music, speaking in a cultivated and moderately distinctive voice, respectful of, but not overly impressed with, the […]