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Rafal Olbinski

Born in Kielce, Poland in 1945, →Rafal Olbinski studied architecture before dedicating himself to painting and design. He graduated from the Architectural Department of Warsaw Politechnical School.

In 1982 he immigrated to the US, where he soon established himself as a prominent painter, illustrator and designer. In 1985, […]

Peter Grimes [B Britten]


Peter Grimes is an opera by Benjamin Britten (1913-1976), with a libretto adapted by Montagu Slater from the Peter Grimes section of George Crabbe’s poem The Borough. The «borough» of the opera is a fictional village which shares some similarities with Crabbe’s, and later Britten’s, own home […]

Albert Herring [B Britten]

Benjamin Britten‘s comic opera which is gently laced with moments of face, is a jocular parody on life in East Suffolk at the turn of the 20th century. It is a quaint, nostalgic journey to a bygone England and the journey has come full circle back to Glyndebourne where this […]

Death In Venice [B Britten]

Death in Venice is an opera in two acts by Benjamin Britten, his last. The opera is based on the novella Death in Venice by Thomas Mann. Myfanwy Piper wrote the English libretto ↔

Death in Venice was composed during a time of great physical and psychological […]

Troilus & Cressida [W Walton]

The first of the two operas by William Walton (1902-1983). The libretto was by Christopher Hassall, his own first opera libretto, based on Chaucer‘s poem Troilus and Criseyde.


• Act One – Troy, the Citadel.

Troy has been besieged by the Greeks for ten years. The […]

Ralph Vaughan Williams


¤ The Pilgrim’s Progress

An opera by Ralph Vaughan Williams, based on John Bunyan‘s allegory The Pilgrim’s Progress. The composer himself described the work as a ‘Morality’ rather than an opera. Nonetheless, he intended the work to be performed on stage, rather than in a church or cathedral. Vaughan Williams […]

Dido & Aeneas [H Purcell]


Dido and Aeneas is an opera in a prologue and three acts, written by the English Baroque composer Henry Purcell with a libretto by Nahum Tate. The first known performance was at Josias Priest’s girls’ school in London no later than the summer of 1688.

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King Arthur or the British Worthy

A semi-opera in five acts with music by Henry Purcell and a libretto by John Dryden. It was first performed at the Queen’s Theatre, Dorset Garden, London, in late May or early June 1691.

The plot is based on the battles between King Arthur’s Britons and the Saxons, […]

Semele [GF Händel]

Semele (HWV 58) is a 1743 opera (initially presented as an oratorio) in three acts by George Frideric Handel. It is based on the classical myth of Semele, mother of Dionysus.


Traditional Setting: Roman Mythic Times

The marriage of Semele to Athamas is being celebrated in […]

The Three-Penny Opera [K Weill]

The Threepenny Opera proclaims itself «an opera for beggars,» and it was in fact an attempt both to satirize traditional opera and operetta and to create a new kind of musical theater based on the theories of two young German artists, composer Kurt Weill and poet-playwright Bert Brecht. The show […]

Samuel Barber [1910-1981]

Vanessa is an opera in three (originally four) acts by Samuel Barber with an original English libretto by Gian-Carlo Menotti. It was composed in 1956–1957 and was first performed at the Metropolitan Opera in New York City on January 15, 1958 under the baton of Dimitri Mitropoulos in a production […]

The Tender Land [A Copland]

The Tender Land is an opera with music by Aaron Copland (1900-1990) and libretto by Horace Everett, a pseudonym for Erik Johns. The opera tells of a farm family in the Midwest of the United States. Copland was inspired to write this opera after viewing the Depression-era photographs of Walker […]

Igor Stravinsky [1882-1971]

¤ The Rake’s Progress [excerpt]

Premiered in Vienna in 1951, The Rake’s Progress is one of the few modern operas that has a permanent place in the repertories of most contemporary opera companies. The Rake’s Progress is a masterpiece by two towering figures of the 20th century: the Russian-born composer Igor Stravinsky and […]

Philip Glass’s Portrait Trilogy

¤ Einstein on the Beach

«Einstein on the Beach» was an opera written and conducted by the minimalist composer Philip Glass, and directed by Robert Wilson. The opera in its complete form is 5 hours long, and has only been performed three times by the Philip Glass Ensemble. The opera […]

Richard Wagner


¤ Tannhäuser ⇓

Overture by Gilbert Levine ⇑

ACT I. Medieval Germany. In the Venusberg, magical mountain abode of Venus, the minstrel Tannhäuser halfheartedly praises the goddess of beauty, who for more than a year has bestowed her love upon him. Venus promises greater […]