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Pina 3D [Wim Wenders, 2011]

Pina is a 2011 German 3D documentary film about the contemporary dance choreographer Pina Bausch. It was directed by Wim Wenders. The film premiered Out of Competition at the 61st Berlin International Film Festival.

During the preparation of the documentary, Pina Bausch died unexpectedly. Wenders cancelled the film production, but the […]

David Attenborough

¤ The Tree of Life ↓

Sir David Attenborough gives credit to Darwin & Mendel, and comments on evolution and DNA from a modern perspective…

Some people in the States, so-called ‘creationists’, wouldn’t share David’s views on evolution.

◊ Naturalist Sir David Attenborough explains why he believes wildlife documentaries […]

Werner Herzog

→ ←

♦ ♦ Lessons of Darkness ↓ (1992)

Shot in documentary style on 16mm film from the perspective of an alien observer, the film is an exploration of the ravaged oil fields of post-Gulf War Kuwait, decontextualised and characterised in such a way as to emphasise the terrain’s cataclysmic strangeness.


Ron Fricke

Pioneering filmmakers that have expanded the image vocabulary of documentaries, Mark Magidson and Ron Fricke join BYOD to discuss Chronos, Baraka, and their new creation, Samsara. Discussing the difficulties of capturing stunning images in remote locations, and the signature filming techniques that have blown millions of minds, Ron and Mark key us into […]

Coen Bros

Welcome four-time Oscar-winning filmmakers Joel and Ethan Coen for a rare, career-spanning discussion of their work, moderated by Noah Baumbach.

¤ ⇒F I L M O G R A P H Y ⇔⇐

∞ Joel & Ethan Coen are an American treasure. They have the uncanny […]

Kevin Smith

‾ Born and raised in New Jersey and very proud of it; this fact can be seen in all of his movies. His first movie, Clerks. (1994), was filmed in the convenience store in which Smith worked. He was only allowed to shoot at night after the store closed. This movie won the highest award […]

Byambasuren Davaa

A Mongolian film maker currently residing in Germany. Between 1995 and 1998 she studied at the Movie Academy in Ulaanbaatar. In 1998 she began to work as a moderator and director’s assistant with Mongolian National Television. In 2000 she moved to Munich, Germany, to study documentary […]

Kim Ki-duk

In a world where most «art-house» movies are pretentious meaningless garbage, Kim Ki-duk is one of the few directors whose films are pure art.

10. Dream (Bi-mong) 9. Time (Shi gan) 8. Samaritan Girl (Samaria) 7. Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter… and Spring (Bom yeoreum gaeul gyeoul geurigo bom) 6. The […]

Jim Jarmusch

♦ ◊ ♦ Down By Law ↓ (1986)

It all happens in New Orleans. DJ Zack and pimp Jack are sent to prison for being too laid-back to avoid being framed for crimes they didn’t commit. They end up sharing a cell with eccentric Italian optimist Roberto, whose limited command of the […]

Do the Right Thing [Spike Lee, 1989]

→ Spike Lee Movie Scripts ←

Director Spike Lee dives head-first into a maelstrom of racial and social ills, using as his springboard the hottest day of the year on one block in Brooklyn, NY.

Three businesses dominate the block: a storefront radio station, where a […]

Sam Peckinpah


↑ Badass Digest ↓

¤ The Ballad of Cable Hogue ⇓ [Starring Jason Robards & Stella Stevens _ 1970]

The film is a charming and surprising comedy/love story built loosely around the biblical story of Job. It constantly defies the expectations of […]

Lars von Trier

◊ Europa – Storyline

An American of German descent arrives in post-war Germany 1945. His uncle gets him a job on the Zentropa train line as a sleeping car conductor. The American’s wish is to be neutral to the ongoing purges of loyalists by the Allied forces and do what he can […]

David Lynch


1. Eraserhead (song: In heaven) 2. The elephant man (song: Recapitulation) 3. Dune (song: Toto – Main title) 4. Blue velvet (song: Bobby Vinton – Blue velvet) 5. Twin peaks (song: Julee Cruise – Falling) 6. Wild at heart (song: Nicholas Cage – Love me tender) 7. Fire walk with me (song: […]

Ruth Roses & Revolver . . .

Directed by Helen Gallagher, 1987

David Lynch made this documentation (named after a film by Man Ray) on Surrealism for the British BBC television program Arena. In each program he presents extracts from what he considers films and filmmakers most significant to his own work:

←Entr’acte, Rene Claire/ Francis […]

German Expressionist Cinema

¤ The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari ⇓ [1920]

A 1920 silent horror film directed by Robert Wiene from a screenplay by Hans Janowitz and Carl Mayer. It is one of the most influential of German Expressionist films and is often considered one of the greatest horror movies […]

Tony Gatlif

♦ ‘Gadjo Dilo’ ↓ [1998]

In this comedy-drama, Stephane (Romain Duris), a young man from France («Payo loco» = ‘The Crazy Stranger’), travels to Romania on a mission; his father has recently passed away, and since the old man’s favorite singer was an unrecorded gypsy vocalist from Romania, he has […]

Nacer Khemir

. . . a Tunisian writer, artist, storyteller and filmmaker… born in 1948

◊ El Haimoune↓»The Wanderers of the Desert»

A traveling writer and teller of fables, Nacer Khemir here applies his age-old skills to a narrative feature film, the first in his highly-regarded «Desert Trilogy» that includes […]

Fatih Akin

Born in Hamburg to Turkish parents, Fatih Akin has taken Istanbul to his heart like a native. The title of this film refers to the fact that the city, placed at the point where Asia and Europe meet, has always been as open to the East as it is to the West. It […]

Julien Temple’s London

¤ London – The Modern Babylon

Directed by Julien Temple | UK 2012 | Colour, black and white | 128min |

British director Julien Temple (Absolute Beginners, The Great Rock and Roll Swindle) has released a new documentary called London – The Modern Babylon, exploring the history of his hometown […]