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→ ¤ WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE [1564-1616] The man that hath no music in himself, Nor is not moved with concord of sweet sounds, Is fit for treasons, stratagems and spoils; The motions of his spirit are dull as night And his affections dark as Erebus: Let no such man be trusted. Mark the music.

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Liz Lochhead + Ivor Cutler

¤ Liz Lochhead ⇓

⇒Makar Liz Lochhead was born in 1947 in Motherwell, from where the family moved to the nearby village of Newarthill. It was a “very normal, very Scottish, very proddy, posh working-class / lower middle-class life”. Everyone in family read a lot and used the public library […]

Robert Burns

¤ Robert Burns ⇐ [1759-1796] ⇒ The Peoples Poet ⇐[BBC doc]

«When death’s dark stream I ferry o’er, A time that surely shall come; In Heaven itself, I’ll ask no more, Than just a Highland welcome.» ◊→ «A RED, RED ROSE» ⇓

O, my luve’s like a red, red rose, That’s newly sprung […]

Charles Bukowski

1920 – 1994

American prolific poet, short story writer and novelist; author of ‘Notes of a Dirty Old Man’, ‘Love Is a Dog from Hell’, and the autobiographical novels, ‘Women’, ‘Hollywood’, and ‘Post Office’.

Generally speaking, you’re free till you’re about four years old. And then… five around, since you […]

Robert Frost

•→biography← [1874-1963]

Robert Frost holds a unique and almost isolated position in American letters. «Though his career fully spans the modern period and though it is impossible to speak of him as anything other than a modern poet,» writes James M. Cox, «it is difficult to place […]

e e cummings

¤ The Enormous Room

Edward Estlin Cummings (1894 – 1962), the author of the book, was suspected of treason while volunteering in France during 1st World War, and put, without any due reason, to prison camp in the town of La Ferté-Macé in Orne, Normandy.

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Edgar Allan Poe

[1809 – 1849]→bio

• Anthology: ⇒⇐[read]

♥ The Tell-tale Heart

A wonderful animated short film of 1953 based on Edgar Allan Poe short-story. The story told by a mad man has a dark visual with a perfect work of narration by James Mason. It is a UPA Production and […]

Margaret Atwood

Born in Ottawa, Ontario, in 1939, she is Canada’s most eminent novelist and poet, and also writes short stories, critical studies, screenplays, radio scripts and books for children, her works having been translated into over 30 languages. Her reviews and critical articles have appeared in various eminent magazines and she […]

Rudyard Kipling

[1865 – 1936]

⇒[read]⇐ «The Jungle Book» ⇒[listen]⇐ ⇓ Disney’s Jungle Book _ 1967 [clip]

• ‘I Wanna Be Like You’

Now I’m the king of the swingers – Oh, the jungle VIP I’ve reached the top and had to stop and that’s what botherin’ me I wanna be a man, mancub, […]

Robert Louis Stevenson

1850 – 1894 ¤ The Beach of Falesá The story is told in the first person by John Wiltshire, a British copra trader on the fictional South Sea island of Falesá. Upon arriving on the island, he meets a rival trader named Case, who (in an apparently friendly gesture) arranges for him to be «married» […]

William Carlos Williams

[1883 – 1963]

← The Use of Force

A physician is summoned to make a house call on a family with whom he has had no prior contact. He quickly sizes up the situation: the household is poor but clean; the patient is a female child whose parents are nervously concerned, […]

Roald Dahl

♦ Man From The South ⇐ 1916 – 1990

The narrator of this famous story is never named, but I always presumed him to be an English writer (i.e. Dahl’s stand-in). This narrator is lounging by a pool at a Jamaican hotel when he meets a strange little South American man in a […]

James Joyce

¤ James Joyce [1882 – 1941]

‘The Dead’ [«DUBLINERS»] – Gabriel Conroy attends a party, and later, as he speaks with his wife, has an epiphany about the nature of life and death.

At 15–16,000 words this story, closing the short-story cycle ‘Dubliners’, has also been classified as a novella. […]

W. B. Yeats

♣ William Butler Yeats ⇐[1865-1939] ⇓ ‘Down by the Salley Gardens’←[song]

•→ ‘The Salley Gardens’ (arranged by Benjamin Britten); voice = Yves Saelens←

⇓ «A Drinking Song«←

WINE comes in at the mouth and love comes in at the eye; That’s all we shall know for truth […]

Six English Romantic Poets

¤ Landscapes «The world is wide, no two days are alike, nor even two hours; neither were there ever two leaves of a tree alike since the creation of all the world; and the genuine productions of art, like those of nature, are all distinct from each other.»

→ John Constable (1776 – […]

Dylan Thomas


⇔ A Child’s Christmas in Wales⇐

◊ A Refusal To Mourn The Death, By Fire, Of A Child In London by Dylan Thomas, accompanied by some pictures of Thomas and the part of Wales where he grew up ↓


Edward Lear + Lewis Carroll

¤ Edward Lear [1812-1888] There was an Old Man with a beard, Who said, «It is just as I feared!— Two Owls and a Hen, four Larks and a Wren, Have all built their nests in my beard.»


∇ «The Duck and the Kangaroo» […]

Tomás Ó Cárthaigh + Seamus Heaney

Born in Ballinasloe in County Galway, Ireland, Tomás Ó Cárthaigh grew up in Offaly and currently lives and works in Tullamore in the north of Co. Offaly. Writing for Tomás is a passion, he was the winner of the Readings from the Pallet festival in Banagher in 2010, and also featured at the […]

ani difranco + Patti Smith

•→ ‘Woe be gone’ ⇐[«Allergic to water»_ 2014]

♦ ‘See See See See’ ⇓ (live)

… Baby if you like What you see see see see Then make me feel nice And baby tell me, tell me Tell me with your eyes Tell me in the glance of […]

Leonard Cohen + Loreena McKennitt

•→←• [1934-2016]

∇ ‘You Want It Darker’ ⇓ [2016]

◊ Chelsea Hotel #1 ↓ [1972]

«Here’s a new song that we… just wrote off a couple of weeks ago – takes place in the Chelsea Hotel, in New York City, and it’s for a brave woman who.. er… put an end […]