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English accents – British accents

♦ American comedian Elon Gold ↓ …on English accents

You know, the problem that here in America, when it comes to the English, we mistake accents with intelligent; right? We think they’re smart, because no matter what they’re talking about, they sound quite intelligent.

It doen’t really matter; they […]


¤ Ethnocide in the Outback

An animated history of Australia, from European discovery to modern days; funny, slapstick humour, with a little satire thrown in ↓

◊ Australian Aboriginal Genocide ↓ [info from Australian government sources]

◊ Aboriginal History ↓ From the Dreamtime to the arrival of the British…till now.


•→ Visions of Wales ←• «We have for you tonight a fine young comic who’s been nominated for just every new comedy award going, but it hasn’t been easy for him because he’s come up against lots of prejudice and discrimination to get where he is today. Yes, folks, he’s Welsh. Please go absolutely mad […]

Good for a laugh

∞ Cheech & Chong, aka. ‘Los Cochinos’, come across some poop and check it out ⇒


. . . DOGSHIT? ⇒

♣ An Irish joke ↓ ‘ cocksucker!’

Dylan Moran’s Irish […]

Lenny Bruce [1925-1966]

◊ Kids sniffing airplane glue ⇓

There were kids eight or nine years old, they were sniffing aeroplane glue, to get high on. These kids are responsible for turning musicians onto a lot of things they never knew about actually. So, I had a fantasy, how it happened. Kid is […]


♣ Three reading links at

•→dramatic_men⇐ / •→comic_women⇐ / •→children⇐

¤ Bob Rafelson‘s «Five Easy Pieces» [1970]

⇓ Bobby Dupea’s (Jack Nicholson) monologue with his old mute father

Are you […]

The Night of the Hunter [C. Laughton]

The Night of the Hunter [1955]—incredibly, the only film the great actor Charles Laughton ever directed—is truly a stand-alone masterwork. A horror movie with qualities of a Grimm fairy tale, it stars a sublimely sinister Robert Mitchum as a traveling preacher named Harry Powell (he of the tattooed knuckles), whose nefarious motives for […]

Paul Bowles

[1910 – 1999] – •→ Paul Bowles was born in Queens, New York, in 1910. He began his travels as a teenager, setting off for Paris, telling no one of his plans. In 1930 he visited Morocco for the first time, with Aaron Copland, with whom he was studying music. His early reputation was as […]

A Clockwork Orange [A Burgess]

1917 – 1993

A diatribe against behaviourism (or «behavioural psychology») of the 1940s to 1960s as propounded by the psychologists John B. Watson and B. F. Skinner. Burgess disapproved of behaviourism as much as I do myself, calling prominent behaviourist B. F. Skinner’s most popular book, Beyond Freedom and Dignity (1971), «one of […]

Dix heures et demie du soir en été . . .

Rodrigo Paestra shots his unfaithful wife dead ↓ [10:30 P.M. Summer – directed by Jules Dassin, 1966]

From 1983, 10.30 On a Summer Night is Richard Jobson‘s own adaption of texts from the passionate novel by French author Marguerite Duras (1914 – 1996), the story of a […]

Edgar Allan Poe

[1809 – 1849]→bio

• Anthology: ⇒⇐[read]

♥ The Tell-tale Heart

A wonderful animated short film of 1953 based on Edgar Allan Poe short-story. The story told by a mad man has a dark visual with a perfect work of narration by James Mason. It is a UPA Production and […]

Three Ladies . . .

∞ Virginia Woolf ← [1882 – 1941]

◊ Read & listen to «The Haunted House» ↓

•→ Click for a full catalogue of her writings ←[read] ◊ ‘The End’ [Flush’s biography]

• Read the last of the stories compiled by Gerald Durrell in his 1990 anthology «Best Dog Stories«

→ […]

James Joyce

¤ James Joyce [1882 – 1941]

‘The Dead’ [«DUBLINERS»] – Gabriel Conroy attends a party, and later, as he speaks with his wife, has an epiphany about the nature of life and death.

At 15–16,000 words this story, closing the short-story cycle ‘Dubliners’, has also been classified as a novella. […]