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Imperialism & War

The actions by which one nation is able to control other usually smaller or weaker nations. The two primary methods of imperialism are military conquest and political diplomacy. 

♦  David Crystal ↑ Will English Always Be the Global Language?






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• Aggression…An unprovoked attack by an enemy

• Alien…An illegal foreigner in a country

• Ammunition…Shells, bombs and other destructive items

• Amnesty…A general pardon of offenders

• Annihilate…To reduce to nothing

• Armistice…An agreement to stop fighting

• Arsenal…A place where naval or military weapons are made or stored

• Battalion…the main division of an army

• Bayonet…A knife fixed on to the end of a gun

• Besiege…To surround a place with the intention of capturing it

• Belligerents…Nations carrying on warfare

• Capitulate…To surrender to an enemy on agreed terms

• Casualties…The killed or wounded in battle

• Cavalry…Horse-soldiers

• Conscriptions…Compulsory enrolment as soldiers and sailors

• Contraband…Smuggling of goods and engaging in prohibited traffic

• Convoy…A number of ships traveling together under escort for the sake of safety

• Embargo…An order prohibiting the ships to leave the ports

• Espionage…the act or the practice of spying

• Evacuate…To remove from one place to another to avoid the destruction of war

• Furlough… A soldier’s holiday

• Fusillade…A number of fire arms discharged continuously

• Infantry…Foot-soldiers

• Intern…To keep citizens in confinement

• Invade…To enter another country as an enemy

• Leave…A soldier’s holiday

• Mobilize…to make troops and ships for war services

• Neutral…Taking neither side in a struggle

• Ordnance…heavy guns and army store-items

• Parachute…An apparatus which opens like an umbrella to enable a person to drop safely from an aircraft

• Parole…A promise given by the prisoner if given a temporary release

• Puttees…Long cloths bound round the legs of soldiers from ankle to knee

• Reconnoiter…To make an examination of enemy territory

• Recruit…A soldier recently enlisted for services

• Reveille…Music for awakening the soldiers in the morning

• Salvo…The firing of many guns at the same time to mark an occasion

• Volley…A shower of bullets

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•→ Glossary of World War II Vocabulary & Concepts (European Theatre) ←


¤  The Road to Fallujah  [2009]

In November 2004, the largest urban battle of the Iraq War took place in the city of Fallujah that changed the course and outcome of America’s ambitions in Iraq. Fallujah, considered by Iraqis to be a sacred and holy city and by the American military as «the hotbed of the insurgency,» was largely destroyed in an eight-day battle called «Operation Phantom Fury.»

In January 2005, following the battle, filmmaker Mark Manning joined forces with an Iraqi human rights worker, Rana Al-Aiouby, and became the only un-embedded western civilian to live with the people of Fallujah and document their stories. Manning & Al-Aiouby were the only outside civilians to gain access inside this forbidden city which, to this day, remains under controlled access to outsiders and the international press. The revealing documentary film, The Road to Fallujah, brings to light the true consequences of war, humanizes the issues, and gives a voice to the people directly involved and affected on both sides.


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