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Gerhard Richter

◊ San Francisco Museum of Modern Art ↓ G R – PHOTOGRAPHY & ABSTRACTION 2002

◊  GR Painting ↓ Film Captures the German Impasto Master at Work with His Squeegee

The notoriously secretive creative process of reclusive German artist Gerhard Richter is exposed in filmmaker Corinna Belz’s new fly-on-the-wall documentary, Gerhard Richter Painting. Belz spent three years as an observer in Richter’s Cologne studio capturing mesmerizing footage of the artist producing his radical abstract works. As we witness him mixing layer upon layer of bold primary colors, smearing the wet paint with a giant squeegee and scraping at the surfaces of the canvases, Richter’s masterpieces appear before our eyes. “You get the feeling the paintings are staring at you,” says Belz, who met the painter while filming his vibrant pixelated stained glass window for the Cologne Cathedral. “There’s a physicality to Richter’s paintings. I wanted the viewer to become immersed in the subtly suspenseful cycle of the process.”

•→‘The paintings have secrets’

Art critic Adrian Searle considers the mysterious paintings of Gerhard Richter at London’s Tate Modern. Gerhard Richter retrospective, Panorama, groups together significant moments of the artist’s career, which spans almost five decades.

◊  Interview  ↓

Artist Gerhard Richter talks about his latest works, his training behind the Iron Curtain, and why he believes in art

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