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Peter Blegvad & Andy Partridge

♦ ♦ Two clips from the album ‘Gonwards’ released in October 2012
. Film by Stu Rowe & Andy Partridge Body drawings by Peter Blegvad

♦  SACRED OBJECTS ↓ by Peter Blegvad & Andy Partridge

First thing in the morning,  last thing at night,  sacred objects  come to light.

Sacred objects  once were rare,  now you find them  everywhere.

John Henry’s hammer,  all painted red,  a loaded pistol,  an empty bed,

a cement mixer,  a walking cane,  the arrow on  a weather vane.

A tired bird  flying South,  sounds come from  its open mouth.  Yeah, sing it, tired bird!

A tired bird  to rest its wings  perches on one   of the sacred things.

The light inside them  both is such  that nothing happens  when they touch.

Nothing happens,  when it does  it’s almost like something  never was.

The light inside them  both goes out,  and where they were  is now in doubt.

No more is seen  –  no more is heard  of its sacred perch  or the tired bird.

A veil of silence  now descends,  and like all stories  this one ends.

♦  LOOKING AT THE SUN ↓ P Blegvad & A Partridge

Large tells Little not to look at the sun
«You’ll go blind and that’s no fun.»

Little sees an orange hanging on a tree
and he tells Large «it looks to me
like an orange is a model of the sun,
like the orange and the sun are one.»

«A doll of the sun» — he likes that more.
It’s like he’s never seen  an orange or the sun before.

Large gives Little a piece of advice
«you’ll go crazy and that’s not nice
if you go on looking at things that way
you could wind up believing the things you say.»

Little doesn’t argue  –  he knows he’s won.
He’s found another way  of looking at the sun.

♦  WORSE ON THE WAY ↓ P Blegvad & A Partridge

Worse on the way  –  that’s what they say
bad as it may seem now.
What seems like work and sorrow today
will seem tomorrow like pleasure and play.

Why should we walk?  Why should we crawl?
Why should we move at all?
Why should we talk when nothing is said?
Tomorrow the living  will envy the dead.

As blind as a window  –  as closed as a door
as high as a ceiling  –  as low as a floor.
Pestlience, death, famine, and war —
It’s helpful to know  just what life has in store.

Worse on the way,  a curse on the day.
Another to lay on night.
Only black rain,  an oncoming train,
more tunnel to come  at the end of the light.

♦ THE DOPE ON PERELMAN ↓ Peter Blegvad & Andy Partridge

Dissecting a cat.  Where is its pep?
Coins made of water  are hard to pick up.

With ink eradicator  I altered my grades.
Satirically yet  romantically I altered the world.

Streetcars passed  the ballpark.
Daydreaming in  the outfield I was beaned by a pop fly.

I saw suffering saints and Christlike figures
descending from trams.

Down from a cloud  with a clang he fell,
Jacques Cousteau  in a diving bell.

I electroplated radiators
to defray the costs of my  father’s failing farm.

In an era of  discrimination survival
tactics are required:   hide.

Fly through the  clouds on vacuum cleaners  with male companions.

With females it’s more  a matter of moonlight canoeing.

♦ → FROM GERM TO GEM ↓ P Blegvad & A Partridge

From germ to gem  –  the story grew,
from gem to germ  –  the hours flew.

No one wearied of the drone  –  as the teller rambled on
and on and on and on and on.
From dawn to dusk,  from dusk to dawn.

Weeks went by, then months, then years
when we were dead between the ears.

I’ve been in the Malvern Hills, I’ve been reading ‘Daffodils’.
Now William Wordsworth’s yellow head
(equine head)
nods upon my neck instead.

From germ to gem  –  the story grew,
from gem to germ  –  the hours flew.
I cut my finger to the bone  –  I heard a distant telephone
I’ll take the call from far away  –  I know everything I’ll say.

‘I’m fine. Of course. Are you OK?’

I’ll give up drink  –  I’ll give up dope
I’ll say I see a ray of hope.
I’ll ask my doctor how she’d deem
my chances now that I am clean.
«Will I live longer?»
«Sure» she’ll beam «but not as long as it will seem.»

Dreet, ink and me berry.
I caught her drift and took her cherry.

That’s how happy endings start.

→ http://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/authors/a/andy_partridge.html

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