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Crime & Punishment

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Methods of Execution

•→ The vocabulary of fraud, business crime & scams

⇓  Types of crime

♦  Phrasal Verbs connected to crime  ↓  [quiz←]

. . . ‘cover sth up’ / ‘make sth up’ / ‘go away with’ / ‘get out of’ / ‘put sb away’ = ‘send sb down’ / ‘inform on sb‘ = ‘grass sb up’ / ‘tell on sb‘ = ‘tip sb off’ / ‘abide by’ / ‘let sb off’ / ‘do away with’ / ‘set sb up’  /  ‘hold sth up’  /  ‘beat sb up’  /  ‘make/run away with’

•→Police & Crime Idioms⇐ /  • Court & Judge Idioms →[01] ⇔ [02]
◊ Learn English Through Movies ↓ Frank Darabont’s ‘Shawshank Redemption’


«Ladies and gentlemen, you’ve heard all the EVIDENCE. I submit to you this was not a HOT-BLOODED crime of passion. Consider this! A revolver holds six bullets, not eight. That means he fired the gun empty…and then stopped to reload.»

«By the power VESTED in me by the State of Maine, I HEREBY order you to serve two LIFE SENTENCES, BACK TO BACK, one for each of your victims. So be it.»

‘Send you here for life, and that’s exactly what they take.» «I believe in two things, DISCIPLINE…» «Help! Please God!» «…and the Bible. Here, you’ll receive both.»

«Andy came to Shawshank Prison in 1947.» » Why’d you do it?» «I didn’t, since you ask.» «Hah! You’re going to FIT RIGHT IN.» «I must admit I didn’t think much of Andy first time I LAID EYES ON him. He had a quiet way about him, a walk and a talk that just wasn’t normal around here.» «There are places in the world that aren’t made out of stone. There’s something inside that they can’t touch.» «What are you talking about?» «Hope.» «Let me tell you something my friend. Hope is a dangerous thing.»

Sredemption«Damn it Dufresne, you’re putting me BEHIND!» «Hope can drive a man insane.» «You better be sick or dead in there, I KID YOU NOT

«Better get used to that idea.» «Oh my Holy God!» «I guess it COMES DOWN TO a simple choice – get busy living or get busy dying.» «Get busy living or get busy dying. That’s damn right!»

♦  Legal Vocabulary ↓ In Court

•→15 Legal or Law Idioms Explained

•→ http://collocationsbytopic.blogspot.com.es/2011/06/law-and-legal-system.html

•→ http://quizlet.com/19037437/legal-punishments-collocations-flash-cards/



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⇒ EXTREMODURO:  ‘Pepe Botika/¿Dónde están mis amigos?’  ↓

Pepe Botika is an honest dealer – Going for a drink I come across him every day

Tells me jailbird’s stories – Sometimes he was lucky, if he had the dough he was let out

How shameful!  Your Honour … How much does your amnesty cost?

Got caught redhanded on his way back from picking figs

He still hasn’t been found around his house

He’s held on remand in a solitary confinement cell

Where are my friends? Locked away without a reason.

Carabanchel, La Modelo, Herrera de La Mancha,
Cáceres II, Alcalá Meco, Puerto de Santa María . . .    [*]

Smuggling was his best and he jumps borders every day

I got mates in nearly every jail – he was from Plasencia, I think he said.

How shameful!  Your Honour … How much does your amnesty cost?

One day his stash got busted and they confiscated 2o kilos of chorizo,

hashis, junk and coke for the buyer

cause god already said so: «Man shall not live on bread alone.»

Carabanchel, La Modelo, Herrera de La Mancha,     [*]
Cáceres II, Alcalá Meco, Puerto de Santa María . . .

Where are my friends? Locked away without a reason.

There was a clearing among the clouds – We’ve seen the sun again
Like two ordinary convicts on a prison rooftop.

 [*]  all names of Spanish jails _ [translated by joland]

¤  ‘Behind Bars’  ⇓

Born to Jamaican parents in South Wimbledon, London, on January 14, 1965, ⇒Slick Rick immigrated with his family to the Bronx in the late ’70s.

«This type of shit that happens every day»   (8x)
[Slick Rick]
In the slammer kid but I’m innocent
Lord played witty wasn’t having any pity
Now in Razor Blade City
Cry suppose the situation seen mad eyes of foes
Drives a Rolls, hey, yo, money, what size are those?
Need to phone me til another sprang up, hmm, to gang up
On the skid, housing the phone like he didn’t know how to hang up
Would be hard though ought a minute or so and then yells time on a
And when you get your commisary, buy this and that or else I’m gonna
Be on that ass and won’t stay off, extort, fig I say, way off
Beaten death, you ain’t protecting me, forgot today’s my day off
Hold my head and drift the Sumo weigh in knots and cars
Instead of sitting here accumulating cuts and scars, behind bars
 «This type of shit that happens every day» . . .
[Slick Rick]
Showing off cuz on the phone, click, losing all the hoes off
Niggas housed the watch and Donna took all of the clothes off
Nigga hell with the was for my clothes figured telling
Every night it seem like mice be in and out a nigga cell and
Still ain’t home, like on the hook, seen a bunch of kids look
Miss outdoors, never know what you have until it’s tooken
And in fact, the moment you fear, all of that, you quote snaps
Well in a cell, did the exercises and wrote raps
I be a bigger star than you, no never heard of the nigga
Takes my raps and read aloud, I want to murder the migga
Just kidding, no offend to it, finally he ended it
Case dismissed, but your honor, DA kindly prevented it
He told to the judge, don’t free him, this brother trigger wars
And not just that because I refuse to wash some jive nigga doors
So hold the head, drift the Sumo weight in knots and cars
Instead of sitting here accumulating cuts and scarsslick-rick
Behind bars 
«This type of shit that happens every day» . . .
[Slick Rick]
One fight, the nigga trip, C.O. the rest he might scared
By couldn’t squeal, I’s like officer that nigga right there
Now if he ain’t get me his friends will, needed a utensil
It turn out, I had to stab him in the eye wit a pencil
State of shock, he made a yell, I said, now what you want traitor
CO puts me in the bin, I see ya about a month later
Back in population, didn’t matter that his friends tensed
The phone prints, the years added to the sentence
Still chilling and all of that and I escaped
When the damn thing sold, don’t hit the sto’ cause they made a rape attempt
Thank goodness, failed, call out next, he wail out
Here go the CO, Ricky Walters, back up, bailed out
The Co couldn’t see the rape, the kid’ll snitch mass figure
Fast trigger, you’ll be back, you little bitch ass nigga
Au revare, back to dating sluts and stars
At least for now, no more accumulating cuts and scars
Behind bars
 «This type of shit that happens every day» . . .
Behind bars  –  Behind bars  –  Behind bars  –  Behind bars

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