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Sand Sea بحر رمال ‘BaHr Remaal’

◊  → Yair Dalal – ‘Al Ol’  ↓  Live in the desert

♦ → Yair Dalal with Jaffa Road  ↓  ‘Perfume Road Love Song’  [2010]


♦  »Chet Boghassa»  ↓ («the girls of Boghassa»)

Boghassa is a village in the desert. Alhousseïni Abdoulahi (a.k.a. Abdallah) talks about it in an interview: ‘…I wrote that song. It was during the rebellion. I tried to remember the women of Boghassa and to say that we would liberate that village, because at that time, the Malian troops were in Boghassa. «We will take it back.» The song talks about that.’    [Taragalte Festival_2009]

 ♦→  «Groove in G»   . . .   ⇐   featuring . . .

Washboard Chaz + Tinariwen + Niño Josele +  Keb’ Mo’ +  D. Chandrajit + Seenu M. + Gradpa Elliott +  
Pt. Janardan Mitta + Rajhesh Vaidhya + Hiromitsu Agatsuma + Felipe Carmona +
Mestre Berimbau + Yu Hatekeyama + N. Subramanian
♦  Lachwar  ↓  ‘Chog’

Φ  Φ   Music by Afel Bocoum, Habib Koité & Tartit  ↓  [West Africa]W_A

♦  Atri N assouf  ↓  [members of Tartit & Tinariwen]

♦  ♦  Terakaft  ↓  «Tenere wer tat zinchegh»

TERAKAFT  ↓  Aïma Ymaïma  [«Kel Tamasheq» _ 2012] – In the language of the Sahara the name of the group Terakaft, founded in Mali in 2001, means caravan and Kel Tamashek refers to those who speak Tamashek, meaning The Tuareg People 

•  Nabil Baly Othmani → ‘Ayt Ma’acacia
♦  Abdallah Oumbadougou & Desert Rebel ↓ ‘Tabsikt Dalet’

«Tapsikt Dalit» = ‘Green Acacia’, a highly symbolic tree for the touaregs and one of the only trees able to grow in the desert. It may emphasize freedom but also a strong will to live.

♦  Khaira Arby  ↓  ‘Aigna’

A father called in his oldest sons to teach his younger siblings…. how to use fire… he said… if not taught properly… your young siblings will even burn there own house down …

♦  Miloud Benbebarek  ⇓

•→ Justin Adams and Juldeh Camara (live on BBC Proms, 2008) ←
♦  Boubacar Traore  ↓  ‘Minuit’

♦  Habib Koite ↓ «Wassiye»
For all the happy fathers, you have just had a daughter who looks very much like your wife.
You are blessed now with two wives at home.

Wassiye wassiye ne la diya souro  –  Wassiye den kourani dine ma souro
Den kourani yoro be kera kera wassiye – Den muso ni yoro be kera kera wassiye
Wassiye ne la diya kounou souro –  Wassiye wassiya gnogon vere dine ma souro
Den musoni yorobe kera kera kon muso – Den kourani yorobe kera iko wassala
A genekisse ye wassi taye  –  A dagola fana ye wassi taye
A tchie kisse ye wassi taye  –  A boto kala fanaye wassi taye
I ya ye I ye wassi ye  . . . Wassi yene la diya Iyaye Iyaye wassive moussoye   . . .
◊  ♦  ◊ →Hasna El Becharia‘Hakmet Lakdar’  ←[Live 2012]

Electric guitarist Hasna el Becharia is from south-west Algeria, and is known as “The Old Lady.” Her band blends musicians from Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, and Niger. The lyrics for “Hakmet Lakdar” loosely translate as:

By chance I am here, friend of my heart, by chance I am here  – Where can I find you, you so miserable?
All my friends have betrayed me  – God and my parents, that is all that remains to me
By chance I am here, and it’s God who wanted it, by chance I am here

←Smaa Smaa

⇑  ‘Sadrek’ 

♦  OUM TARAGALTE  ↓  Soul Of Morocco

♦  Setona & African Crossroads  ↓  ‘Sawani’ (Feat. Said Ahmed)


•→ Hamza El Din⇐ [1929-2006]

♦  Bedouins  ↓  dancing

•→ Ghermy Esweydeye[Mauritania]  / •→The Musicians of the Nile_Førde Festival

•→ Taragalte Festival in Morocco  ⇔  Oualed Chatta⇐[2011]
¤ → Samba Touré  @ Taragalte Festival, Morocco, Nov. 2012 ←
♦  Sahara ↓ by Darren Worth

♦  Taste Of Dream  ↓  ‘Lost in a daydream’  [Grapes of grace]

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