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Türkiye تركيا

Baba Zula,  Omar Faruk Tekbilek,  Burhan Öcal, Erkan Ogur, Mercan Dede, Kudsi Erguner . . .

¤  Baba Zula is a Turkish group that draws on traditional Turkish music, electronica, and rock to create a sound they call «Oriental Dub.» The music captures a unique vision of their hometown of Istanbul.

◊  ‘Bulbul olsam varsam yanina’  ↓

«If only I’d be a nightingale and sing in the gardens / In each of my folk songs write your name on them
Every morning I warble my rose
If only I’d be a seagull, fly away over the seas
If I sailed into the wind, I’d reach the dawn with every stroke of my wings» 
Ben bir bülbül olsam – Ötsem bahçelerde
Her türkümde yaksam – Adını üzerine
Her sabah şakırım gülüm – Gülüm nina ninay nay
Ben bir bülbül olsam – Ötsem bahçelerde
Her türkümde yaksam – Adını üzerine
Her sabah şakırım gülüm – Gülüm nina ninay nay
Ben bir martı olsam – Uçsam denizlere
Ruzgârlara açsam – Giderim sehere
Her kanadımı çarpışla – Gülüm nina ninay nay…

♦  ‘Komsu’  ↓  [animation]

♦  «Bir Sana Bir de Bana»  (‘one for me and one for you’) ↓ [vocals by Brenna MacCrimmon]

Bulutların üstünden – Bıraktım ben kendimiBaBaZ
Sonunu düşünmeden – Duygular sarınca beni
Gizlice tuttum elini – Yüzüne baktım usulca
Gözlerin fısıldadı ah – Mutluluğu yavaşça
Çiçeklerin kokusu – Dalgaların şarkısı
Rüzgarın fısıltısı – Bir sana bir de bana
Bahçede hanımeli – Gökyüzünde yıldızlar
Yağmurun narin sesi – Şimdi bir anlamı var
Aşk nasıl da kırılgan – Sus dedim ama olmadı
Kalbimden ismin geçti ah – Kimseler duymadı
Çiçeklerin kokusu – Dalgaların şarkısı
Rüzgarın fısıltısı – Bir sana bir de bana

-English translation:

Over the clouds – I left myself
Without thinking of the end – When feelings surrounded me
Secretly I held your hand
Gently I looked up in your face
Your eyes whispered, ahhh, The happiness in silence
Smell of flowers – Songs of wavelets
And utterance of wind
One for you, One for me
Honeysuckles in the garden – Stars in the sky
Tender voice of the Rain, All means something now
How delicate is Love
I said «shut up», but it won’t do
My heart mentioned your name – Alas, Nobody noticed

Δ ‘Abdülcanbaz’ ⇑ [Toronto_2010]

¤→ Omar Faruk Tekbilek

•→’İstanbul’⇐  / •→’Caspian Winds’⇐  / •→’Alif ‘⇐

w/ Burhan Öçal & Itamar Erez ⇓ Seni Seviyorum‘ ←(‘I love you’)

♦  Tasavvuf Sufi Song  ↓

Richard A Hagopian + Omar Faruk Tekbilek  + 
Hasan Iskut + Yuti Yurakov + 
Harold Hagopian + Arto Tunçboyaciyan + 
Ara Dinkjian + Chris Marashlian 

•→’Istemem Babacim‘ [«Papa, I don’t want to»]⇒

∇  ‘Muhabbet’   ⇓  [«Gypsy Fire»_1995 ]

◊  Omar’s Chocco  (Kodomo Remix) ↓  –  Sara Beaman

♦  with Brian Keane Şişeler  ↓  «Beyond the sky» (1992)

◊  ♦→ Istanbul Oriental Ensemble  ⇓

 مسجد ↓ mosques from around the world:  Afghanistan,  Burkina Faso, Chile, China, Egypt, France, Germany, Greece, India, Iraq, Italy, Japan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgystan, Mali, Mexico, Morocco, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Spain, Turkey, United Arab Emirates & Uzbekistan  ⇓  ‘Ya Kerim’

♦→ Thierry Titi Robin  ⇓  (The Making of) «Kıyılar, Les Rives, River Banks» [2013]

∞  Erkan Oğur & Arif Sağ →Çökertme [Perdesiz Gitar & Bağlama]

∞  Erkan Ogur & Derya Türkan  ↓  rehearsing in the CRR concert hall in Istanbul_2010

•   ‘Bir Derdim Var Bin Dermana Değişmem’ ←
Muhabbet bağında bir gül açıldı  – Bir derdim var bin dermana değişmem
Yüküm lal-i gevher mercan saçarım  – Bir derdim var bin dermana değişmem
Cemi kuşlar dile gelir yazım der  – Gövel turnam Şam’dan gelir güzüm der
Benim yarelerim tuzum tuzum der  – Bir derdim var bin dermana değişmem
Garip bülbül gönlüm eğler ses ile  – Nicelerin ömrü gitmiş yas ile
Aratıp bulduğum pir heves ile  – Bir derdim var bin dermana değişmem
Mende eyder niyazım var özüne  – Güzel pir ayıbım vurma yüzüme
Yarelerim hoş görünür gözüme  – Bir derdim var bin dermana değişmem
Şah Hatayi’m muhabbete bakarım  – Men doluyum men dolana akarım
Güzel pirim bir dert vermiş çekerim  – Bir derdim var bin dermana değişmem
◊  Erkan Ogur ⇒  ‘karsıda görünen yayla’  
◊  Erkan Oğur → Yarim Senden Ayrılalı ⇐

[translation]  –  ‘Honey , Since I Broke Up With You’

honey , since i broke up with you it has been quite a long time – come back , come back…
look at my tears falling down from my eyes – they became a stream – come back , come back…
is that OK to sulk and go to leave the guy that dies for you
it became illgotten to eat or drink – the whole world tumbled down on me
come back , come back…
the guy that dies for you looks forward to meeting – meeting and hearing about you
hurry up to lay me to rest – the guy that dies for you has really died
come back , come back…


kul aşık bekler varmaya  –  varıpta haber sormaya
yetiş namazım kılmaya  –  seni seven öldü gel gel…..

♣   ♣     MERCAN DEDE   ⇒    ‘SOUFFLE‘  [Nefes]   موسيقى و بس

   . . .   Güneş Doğudan doğar  ↓  (‘The Sun Rises in the East’)


               ↓  Mevlana & The Whirling Dervishes →

♦→  Kudsi Erguner  ⇓  ‘Balade’  [Sufi Music of Turkey_1990]

•→ Kudsi Erguner: ‘SARKI’[2001]

 ♦  Fuat Saka  ↓  Rapatma (Vira Vira)

◊   Harem:  ‘Sultana’  ↓

A great lover of music, Sultan Selim III was a composer and performer of significant talent. He created fourteen makam-s (melodic types), three of which are in current use today. Sixty-four compositions by Selim III are known today, some of which are part of the regular repertory of Turkish classical music performerance. Aside from composing music, Selim III also performed on the ney (reed flute) and tanbur (long-necked, fretted lute)  ↓

•→ Burhan Öcal_Sultans Choice [Ottoman Turkish Classical Music]

♦  Burhan Öçal  ↓  ‘trakya havasi’

 •→Burhan Öçal – Montreux Jazz Festival 2008⇐

◊  Ensemble Constantinopla  ↓  ‘Lamma bada’
«When she started to walk with a swinging gait  her beauty amazed me  . . .
I have become prisoner of her eyes – her stem folded as she bent . . .
O my promise, O my perplexity, who can answer my complaint about love and suffering but the beautiful one?
aman aman aman aman . . .»

¤  Yedi Karanfil  •→»Eklemedir Koca Konak»  /  •→(Seven Cloves) «Haydar Haydar»


← Lost Songs of Anatolia  [by Nezih Ünen]

A musical voyage among the exotic places and people of Anatolia, which is the unique host of ancient civilizations, empires, as well as mythologies, and the glory of 10 millennia. With 350 hours of footage and 8 years of hard labor and creative studies, The Lost Songs of Anatolia may be the first of its kind; an experimental musical-documentary. The cultural riches of Anatolia are sung in authentic performances recorded live on location, spontaneously. With modern arrangements, an incomparable musical is formed.

Nezih Ünen was born and lived in Bursa, Turkey until the age of 18 when he moved to Istanbul for college. During his school years, he had a keen interest in music and photography. Throughout his engineering education at the Bosporus University, he took part in music and drama, as well as a number of photography exhibitions. After receiving his degree, Ünen decided to pursue a career in music. Driven by an urge to explore new ideas rather than being confined to any one specific area of expertise, he captured a unique way in which to blend different musical cultures and styles in most of his works.

⇓   Links to musicians . . .

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Tayfun Turan

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→ Yigit Özdemir

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•→ Turkey photos ←      //      •→ Taksim Square ←

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