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Jim Jarmusch

 ♦  ◊  ♦   Down By Law  ↓ (1986)

It all happens in New Orleans. DJ Zack and pimp Jack are sent to prison for being too laid-back to avoid being framed for crimes they didn’t commit. They end up sharing a cell with eccentric Italian optimist Roberto, whose limited command of the English language is both entertaining and infuriating . . . Jack (John Lurie) and Zack (Tom Waits) can’t stand each other’s guts, and Roberto Benigni does his best to get on with them. A good English learner he is, always stuck to his notebook…

♦  ‘Jockey Full Of Bourbon’ [Tom Waits]  ↓  (Soundtrack)

Introducing Zack and Jack in their ‘nests’ in New Orleans. 

Edna Million in a drop dead suit
Dutch pink pink on a downtown train
Two dollar pistol but the gun won’t shoot
I’m in the corner in the pouring rain
16 men on a deadman’s chest
And I’ve been drinking from a broken cup
2 pairs of pants and a mother vest
I’m full of bourbon; I can’t stand up.

Hey little bird, fly away home – Your house is on fire; your children are alone…

Schiffer broke a bottle on Morgan’s head
And I’ve been stepping on the devil’s tail
Across the stripes of full moon’s head
Through the bars of a Cuban jail
Bloody fingers on a purple knife
A flamingo drinking from a cocktail glass
I’m on the lawn with someone else’s wife
Admire the view from up on top of the mast

Hey little bird, fly away home – Your house is on fire; your children are alone …

Yellow sheets in Hong Kong bed
Stazybo horn and a Singerland ride
To the carnival is what she said
A hundred dollars makes it dark inside.


•→Locked together in a prison cell, they tell each other why they got arrested

«…una bella finestra…»   ↓

»… Take me now… Oh, she don’t know»
–  Is a sad and beautiful world.
– Huh? Yeah, it’s a sad and beautiful world, pal. That’s a good one.
»Yeah, yeah…» Ah, buzz off, pal.
– Thank you. Buzz offa to you too.
– No, buzz off.
– Ah, buzz off. Ah, buzz off. Buzz off. Buzz off. Buzz off.
Is, uh, is a sad and beautiful world. Buzz off. Buzz… off.
Good evening. Buzz off to everybody.
Oh, thank you. Buzz off to you too.
Oh, uh, it’s a pleasure. Thank you…

. . .  Get in there, huh?
He don’t even speak no English. Homicidal son of a bitch, says he’s Italian.
– And why don’t you take a flying fuck?
If looks can kill, I am dead now.
I ‘ham’ Roberto. Roberto. Call me Bob. The same.
No good here… for me.
Is, uh… Is… Excuse me… Excuse me… Excuse me.
‘Not enough room to swing a cat.’ Cat. The animal.
– Excuse me, Jack…
– Zack!
– Zack. I have the ‘hicc-outs.’ Do you have some cigarette?
– No.    No!
– No. I understand. Thank you.
– Do you have, uh, Zack, some cigarette?
– I’m Jack. Get it straight.
– Yes. Got it straight… But do you have some cigarette?
– Cigarettes won’t help with hiccups; not in this country.
– Me, yes, uh, c-c-cigarette help me… with the… when I have the ‘hicc-outs‘.
– Don’t ask me again.
– Thank you… Do you have, uh, mm…
– J-Jack… Jack, do you have some fire?
– No.
– Excuse me, Jack, do… Zack!
– Zack!
– I’m Zack. He’s Jack. I’m Zack.
– Zack.
– Do you have some fire?
– No. Matches aren’t allowed here. Do you understand?
– Yes. Yes, I see. I see…

Do you like Walt Whitman? Yes, I like Walt Whitman very much. »Leaves of Glass.»
– What?
Nothing. I said, »Do you like Walt Whitman?»
– Walt Whitman?
Yes. I like Walt Whitman very much. Very good, the ‘‘Leaves of Glass.»
[ . . . ] »Leaves of Glass.» Walt Whitman.

. . .  Bob? Bob?
– Yes?
– What the hell are you doin’?
– I make ‘hay’ window.
– Huh?
– That’s good, Bob.
– Excuse me. Do you say in English,
»I look hat the window,»or do you say in English,
»I look hout the window»?
– Well, in this case, Bob, I’m afraid you gotta say, »I look at the window.»

– So, uh, Za… Jack. Jack, why-why are you put in this place?
– I don’t know, Bob. It was, like, voodoo or something, you know?
I was framed. I’m completely innocent. You understand?
– Yes. You are innocent man. I understand.
– Yeah.
– And you, my friend, Zack, why are you put in this prison?
– I was set up, Bob. Just like Jack.
– Mm.
I ‘ham’ an innocent man.
– I see. You too are an innocent man.
– So, Bob, for why are you in this prison put?
– Me? I killed »hay» man.
– You killed a man, huh? What’d you do that for, Bob?
The guy didn’t like Walt Whitman?
– I never asked this man if he liked Walt Whitman.
– Come on, Bob. Why’d you kill a man?
– I, uh… We-We was, uh, playing-a card. No? Table.
I have no money, but I am a cheater. Yeah? Very good.
But I don’t know… I don’t know why they… they notice after a while
I-I-I-I am a cheater. It’s strange, really. I’m a good cheater.
They notice, and I run, run away, and they run back me, yes.
In another room with the billiard, pool… the pool, no? There.
And, uh, and, uh… But I was very fast, very speedy.
And they for stop me, take a ball… take ball… many ball.
Very ‘closed.’ Ta! Ta! Ta!
And I… You… You throw ball against me, I throw ball against you, no?
I take one ball… a number eight. Very good ball. Black ball.
Ta! Tum! Ta! In the ground. First stroke. Ha!
Dead. Very big man. On the ground. First stroke.
. . .
But I ‘ham’ no criminal. I ‘ham’ a good egg. I am a good egg. Jesus.
Yes. I ‘ham’ a good egg. Yes. We are. We are a good egg…

 ¤          ¤          ¤          ¤          ¤  night-on-E

¤  Jim Jarmusch‘s anthology of …

5 different cab drivers in 5 cities →

∇   Here’s the night in New York ↓ ‘Night On Earth’

¤          ¤          ¤                              ¤          ¤          ¤

¤  Mystery Train   [clip]

Three sketches, all  connected by a Memphis hotel and the spirit of Elvis Presley      


Youki Kudoh; Masatoshi Nagase; Screamin’ Jay Hawkins; Cinqué Lee; Nicoletta Braschi; Elizabeth Bracco; Rick Aviles; Joe Strummer; Steve Buscemi; Tom Waits.

– Room 27. And don’t forget to, uh, help ‘em with the luggage . . .

… Ah! Yes, hello! Thank you! Please wait.
– Yeah, sure. You’re welcome.
– Please. This plum from Japan. Please.
– From Japan?
– Yes. This plum from Japan.
– Thank you.
– Thank you.

… Well, I don’t think you should eat that thing.
– Yeah, you’re probably right.
– You gonna eat it?
– No. I ain’t gonna eat that thing.
– Hey. That’s my plum!

E.P.  ↓  ‘Mystery Train’

Train arrive, sixteen coaches long – Train arrive, sixteen coaches long
Well that long black train got my baby and gone

Train train, comin’ ‘round, ‘round the bend
Train train, comin’ ‘round the bend
Well it took my baby, but it never will again (no, not again)

Train train, comin’ down, down the line – Train train, comin’ down the line
Well it’s bringin’ my baby, ‘cause she’s mine all, all mine
(She’s mine, all, all mine)

¤  Dead Man Theme (Neil Young’s soundtrack) ⇐ [‘Dead Man Walking’_1995]

– Johnny Depp (spoken):

The ancient tradition that the world will be consumed in fire at the end of six thousand years is true.  
As I have heard from hell.
The whole creation will be consumed, and appear infinite and holy,
where as it now seems finite and corrupt.
This will come to pass by an improvement of sensual enjoyment. 
If the doors of perception were cleansed, everything would appear to man as it is,

¤  Coffee and Cigarettes  ↓  [2003]

 Tom Waits & Iggy Pop meet up somewhere in California. They discuss roadside surgery, smoking, ‘Abbot & Costello’ and other subjects over some coffee and cigarettes.

•  Another scene from ‘Coffee & Cigarettes’  ↓  STRANGE TO MEET YOU

+ script with a Shot-by-Shot Reconstruction  ← [click]

  ↑ I drink a lot of coffee before I go to sleep, because then I can dream faster‘ 

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