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Oral exam practice



•→Oral Textual Awareness & Communicative Strategies + Tips for Speaking Tests⇐

¤ TOPICS for an oral exam:

•→Pre-intermediate ⇔ Intermediate←•

#  1st Part  ↓  Monologue

Always start by saying your name and the topic assigned:  «OK, my name is «X…» and I’m going to tell you / talk  about . . .»

•→usingenglish.com/files/pdf/sports-presentations.pdf ←

•→esol.britishcouncil.org/build-your-speaking-skills/my-house ←



•→Nice Talking with You … shopping ←

•→www.usingenglish.com/files/pdf/holidays.pdf ←

•→One Day Out In Glasgow ←

♣  … eoi Madrid PDF exam samples … ⇒[A2]⇐⇒[B1]⇐⇒[B2]⇐

∞  Two Sabi School samples . . .  ⇒[A2]⇐  (…music…)   ⇒[B2]⇐    

∞  Jo’s Family . . .  ⇑  Intermediate   /   Advanced  ⇓

Φ  eoi exam samples  [both parts]:

VerbalC… from Galicia … A2 ⇔ B1 ⇔ B2 ⇔ C1 

•→12 oral exam samples (Intermediate_B1)⇐[Valencia]

*        *        *

crow∞  2nd Part  ↓  INTERACTION
•→Tips for the Cambridge English speaking exams 

∞  Functional language for the oral exam:


•→Asking for Clarification & Getting More Info

A2 (Basic)…⇒[01] ⇔ [02]⇐ (Basque country)

♣ Madrid pdf samples … ⇒[A2]⇐ / ⇒[B1]⇐ / ⇒[B2]⇐

∞  Sabi samples: ⇒Upper_IntermediateAdvanced ⇔ [Hunting]

The topics that will be covered are based on basic English discussions: giving advice (showing concern, giving and responding to advice), asking for and making recommendations and suggestions, comparing and contrasting, giving personal opinion (likes and dislikes), offering alternatives, giving preferences, making choices, describing feelings and giving reasons why…


←This site supports advanced learners of English who want to develop their top-level speaking skills and communication strategies. Each week, they tackle a specific issue on how to talk better English.

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¤  Lists of questions and answers so you can practice with a partner. Click for a topic …

Keep talking

1. Holidays

2. Jobs….

3. Your Future

4. Your town

5. Hobbies

               6. Profile

              7. Food

•→Some other topicswith more questions & answers 

♦  10 common Spanish speaker mistakes  ⇓

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