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Lenny Bruce [1925-1966]

◊  Kids sniffing airplane glue  ⇓

There were kids eight or nine years old, they were sniffing aeroplane glue, to get high on. These kids are responsible for turning musicians onto a lot of things they never knew about actually. So, I had a fantasy, how it happened. Kid is alone in his room, it’s Saturday. Kid is played by George Macready,

«Now lets see, I’m all alone in a room and it’s Saturday, I’ll make an aeroplane, that’s what I’ll do. I’ll make a Lancaster: a good structural design, I’ll get the balsa wood here, cut it out, sand if off. Now a little aeroplane glue, I’ll rub it on the rag and… Hey now, ha ha ha. Ohh. I’m getting loaded! Is it possible to get loaded on aeroplane glue? Maybe it’s stuffy, I’ll call my dog over. Fidika! Come here darling and smell this rag. Smell it you freaky little doggy. Smell the rag Fidika, Fidika, Fidika!!! He’s up there. I’ve done it. I’m the Louis Pasteur of junkiedom. Out of my skull for 10 cents. Well there’s much work to be done now. Horses hoofs to melt down. Noses to get ready.»

Cut to the toy store. Any toy store. Any neighbourhood – Kid walks in.

«Hello Chandler, nice store you got here. Gimme a nickels worth of pencils. Big boy tablet. Ju-ju beans. Tailspin Tommy book… and 2000 tubes of aeroplane glue.»

«I hope you can sleep tonight Mr Macready.»

◊  «Southern Accents»  ↓

The whole South … shit … The South’s a different country and the people speak a different language. And because when we talk loud, that’s right; but if I go …«BAH-BAH-BAH…», that is mad; but in the South everybody goes…«BAH-BAH-BAH…», and then I’m mad, because there was talk that way. When we… when you talk to us and we go … «Ha-ha-ha…», that’s shitty up north; in the south, if you know, go…«Ha-ha-ha…» you’re not a good fellow; and you’re not jovial and you’re not … So when we see the picture in a Southern porch where everybody’s smiling, we take a… «Look at that… Is that solemn? Those schmucks see a camera and smile…» So it’s a better idea to [. . . ?] it sounds up this way:

Anybody talks that way, if anybody talks that way to me, I can do one…’ No, it’s ‘…I’d immediately … I’m worried about his safety… Because I know I’m superior to him, because I’m brighter, because I know that I talk closer to this way than he does  [. . . ?] and about talk that way is… it’s always for people who don’t understand it. If Albert Einstein talked that way, we would’ve never had a bomb: «My name is Albert Einstein; my  [. . . ?]  theory, you get out of here you shit – kick you… Look here, buddy, I got a theory here …» So embarrassing of people . . .

◊  «To is a Preposition;  Come is a Verb»

Of course «to» is not a preposition here; don´t get confused with Lenny Bruce’s performance.

‘To’ is a preposition; ‘come’ is a verb. The verb, intransitive… ‘to come’ … ‘to come’. I heard these two words my whole adult life and as a kid when they thought I was sleeping: «to come . . . to come …» Spin like a drum solo.

«Did you come? Did you come good? Did you come good? Did you come good? Did you come good? […?]

«Better off with you sweetheart than anyone in the whole god damn world . . . Really came so good. And I came so good because I love you. Really came so good… I come better with you sweetheart than anyone in the whole world… I really came so good… so good … but don’t come in me… Don’t come in me. Don’t come in me… me… me… me. Don’t come in me-me-me-me… Don’t come in me. Don´t come in me – in me don’t come in … in me.

«I can’t come. ‘Cause you don’t love me; that’s why I can’t come … I love you – just can’t come, that’s my hang-up, I can’t come when I’m loaded, all right? ‘Cause you don’t love me.»

«Gee what the hell is the matter with you? What’s that got to do with loving, you just can’t come, that’s all.»

Is there anyone in this room with the world, find those two words decadent, obscene, immoral, amoral, asexual… the words «to come» really make you feel uncomfortable, if you think I’m wrong for saying it to you, you’d be for listening to it… he probably can’t come.

◊  Lenny Bruce  ↓ as shown in doc ‘Swear to Tell the Truth’

«Let me tell you the truth.  The truth is:  what is and what should be as a fantasy, a terrible terrible lie that someone gave the people long ago.»


•→  Dustin Hoffman as ‘Lenny’ in 1974 Bob Fosse’s biographical movie  ⇐
♥  ‘Eulogy to Lenny Bruce’  ⇓

Nico‘s 1967 album Chelsea Girl includes this mournful tune, written by Tim Hardin.

I’ve lost a friend and I don’t know why
But never again will we get together to die.
And why after every last shot, was there always another ?
Why after all you hadn’t got,  did you leave your life to your mother ?

And Honey Harlow, the singer burlesque queen
How did she know  you needed morphine ?
Why didn’t you listen to the warning words of your friends
while they told you so ?
I know you couldn’t listen to people talk about
what they didn’t know.

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