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¤  6 ways to improve your English writing skills

Today it is very trendy to focus primarily on communicative skills and neglecting writing as a method of learning an English language. Though it is essential to make yourself understood in speech, writing is equally important in the modern world.

So what to do to improve your English writing skills?

1. It might sound a bit childish but don’t forget to take notes during classes and do all your homework! People seem to have forgotten to write down what the teacher says and the lack of time results in lack of homework. It is very demanding to study something while at the same time you’re working, but learning a language always requires a lot of effort.

2. Translate!  Translating tasks are not very popular nowadays, though can be useful for those who enjoy it.

3. Start correspondence with your foreign friends. This-provided lasts long enough-has always been and will be a quite useful way of improving your English written language.

4. Search interactive websites that provide online practice and correction!  Like  Quizlet,  UsingEnglish or Grammar Check.

5. Utilize social media! There are great number of online platforms where you can share, chat and comment and all that in English!  How to Learn English in a new way!

6. Improve your English writing skills by blogging. Check out this post: Real Ways Blogging Can Make You A Better Teacher And Learner.

Curriculum vitae written on typewriter[Posted April 5, 2012 by Gyöngyvér Pénzes in Learn English]

¤  How to write a ‘CV’  [AmE = resume’]  . . .

•  Part 1 ←  /  •  Part 2  ←

⇓  Intro to writing paragraphs

♦  Writing Good Paragraphs   ⇓  [adv.]

♦  Writing strategies  ↓  Paraphrasing

∇   Improve Your Writing ↓  «Talking about similarities»

In this video-lesson, Emma teaches us some key words we can use when we talk about how things are the same or similar: terms such as «alike», «similar», «in the same way», «likewise», and more…. So when you compare two things — when you’re comparing apples and oranges, there are some similarities. They’re both fruits. When you’re comparing shopping to skiing, when you’re comparing a city to a country or the countryside — there is a certain language we like to use when we’re saying how these things are similar or the same.

5   tips  ↓   to improve your writing


•  Writing a postcard … ⇒[01]⇐ (tips) ⇒[02]⇐  /  ⇒[03]⇐ (samples)

 • Task:→Writing postcards & short messages[www.skillsworkshop.org]

•→Personal Notes & Messages ⇐[FCE]


¤  Writing a letter of complaint is one of the most challenging tasks an (advanced) English learner may have to perform. Here’s some guidelines to help you tune in with the right register and layout of such letters.

•→ How to Write Complaint Letters ← /  •→samples← /   Tips⇒

•→ Set phrases for writing letters←   /   •→ Reference Letters ←

♦  How to write a formal letter ↓


•→Writing an ARTICLE

•→How to formulate an argument

•  Writing a REPORT … ⇒[01] ⇔ [02] ⇔ [03]⇐

•  Writing an effective essay …  ⇒[01][02]⇐

•→Writing Outline: Advantages & Disadvantages Essays ⇐

speech•→Writing a REVIEW  ⇔ [sample] ⇔ tips ⇐

•→How to Write Genuinely Useful Reviews Online ⇐

•→ http://www.eslflow.com/AcademicWritng.html


• Speech writing & public speaking⇒

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