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•  Practice for beginners:  Languages ⇐  /   Countries & Nationalities

Φ  Nationality words ⇐   

Quizzes: →The English & their neighbours

The ‘-(i)an’ people;  →The ‘-i’ people;  →The ‘-ese’ people;

∞  Procedural language for role-plays ⇐[PAIR WORK]

∞  Role-play topics←  /  ∞  Click topic for questions & questions … 

 ∞  English Conversation Topics[…more questions]

dialogueDescribing & Comparing photographs

∞  Talking about pastimes & hobbies⇐

∞ Asking & giving directions…⇒[01] ⇔ [02]⇐

∞  Shopping English⇐[role-play]

∞  Buying a house⇐[role-play]

2∞  Apologies & explanations

∞  Making / Agreeing to / Turning down  a request

•  Pro-forms: so & not ⇒Substitution

♣  Rock – Paper – Scissors  ⇓  [game]

•→  ↓  Learn English with amusing language activities

Vocabulary & logic games

Anagrams Crosswords (advanced) Word games
ESL revision games Hangman Language brain teasers 
Missing consonants Missing letters Missing vowels
Oxford word games Spiderman spelling game Spelling game (advanced)
Make words with letters Vocabulary games Vocabulary Quizzes (BBC)
Word of the Day Quiz Word scramble Wordshake

•→Easy Things for Beginners 

(3 grades – great for learners up to Intermediate)




AustraliaNet ⇐  Study English IELTS Preparation  is a series of English language programs which develops skills and strategies for intermediate to advanced learners of English – especially those preparing to take the IELTS test. Our content draws on authentic material that you can watch, read and listen to, plus study notes, tips and activities for practice and consolidation.


[University of Illinois] …⇔

A cool site for ESL learners, with lots of links to improve your  FOUR skills , grammar, vocabulary, culture ⇒


⇐The Study Zone is for students of the English Language Centre (ELC) at the University of Victoria. ELC teachers create the English language lessons and practice exercises. The site is designed for our adult English language learners, but all are welcome to read the lessons and use the exercises.

‘What do I do?’  First, choose your level. Then, choose a topic. Finally, choose a lesson.

Study Zone is made up of levels. Each level has language topics. Each topic has lessons. Lessons include exercises to help you improve your English.

← Marley’s  blog

⇐ A Rotary Exchange Student from Vermont (USA),  Marley spent one year [2011-12] in Sabi . . .

 ¤  Language School Exams  (samples)    ⇓


¤  Gapped texts [FCE]:

⇒[01] ⇔ [02] ⇔ [03] ⇔ [04] ⇔ [05] ⇔ [06]⇐

⇒Cloze test creator⇐

 •→telepaphy cloze test←

¤  Multiple matching: 

[FCE] …⇒[01] ⇔ [02] ⇔ [03]

⇒[CAE]⇐… Multiple matching …⇒[CPE] 

¤  ‘True’, ‘False’, ‘Not Given’⇐[IETLS]

¤  TOEFL Reading Test ⇐[multiple choice]⇒ CAE ⇐

¤  ‘Key’ word transformation [FCE]:  ⇒[01] ⇔ [02] ⇔ [03]

⊗  Practice tests at A2 level

⊕  Practice tests at B1 level ⇔ …at B2 level

⊗  Practice tests at C1 level ⇔ …at C2 level

¤  Sentence Rephrasing  ⇓  [advanced]


¤  Are we ethnocentric?

«Ethnocentric» suggests a chauvinistic attitude, when one country/race/religion/culture feels superior to others.

Here are a few examples of ethnocentric attitude, and some good practice for advanced learners. Change the wording of the statements so that they are no longer ethnocentric.

Example:     «Spain has produced the world’s greatest literature»  [=ethnocentric statement]
«Spain has many writers who have produced well-known works of literature.»  [revised statement]

1_ «Spain has produced the finest works of art in the world.»

2_ «Our diet is much better-balanced and healthier than those of our neighbour countries.»

3_ «Spanish is the best  language for poetry.»

4_»There’s nowhere outside Spain where people have so much fun.»

5_ «There are no other women as beautiful as the Spanish.»

6_ «Spaniards have been very generous in teaching peoples overseas how to do things the right way.»