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Connected Speech

•→ would – contractions ⇐

◊ How to understand native speakers’ questions ⇓


There are hundreds on the Net, but you’ll have enough with these for quite a while. Here’s some good ones for Spaniards:

«Six Spanish students study at […]

The Future

English has several forms which express future events. The form we choose depends on how sure we are that something will happen, whether we want something to happen, or whether we are talking about ourselves or others. ASPECT is much more important than TIME.

⇒Predictions/Statements of fact/Intentions/Arrangements/Scheduled events⇐


On the blower

⇒ Telephone English ⇐

∴ Telephone Language

∴ Phoning a company: ⇒[01] ⇔ [02] ⇐

∴ Leaving a Message on an Answering Machine⇐

∴ Saying telephone numbers ⇐

∴ Spelling addresses ⇐

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Development of Argument Skills


Click here → Development Of Argument Skills to know a little bit more.

Think carefully what to say when you begin a discussion.

Try to “win” the argument as quickly as you can. Say sorry if something is really your fault. Never avoid an argument by refusing to talk. […]

LIFE and how to survive it

¤ Robin Skynner & John Cleese: LIFE and how to survive it [1993]

The Price of Everything and the Value of Nothing – [excerpts]

Robin: …I like the idea of a Greek psychologist called Charis Katakis. She’s taken a word we’re familiar with –‘myth’– and given it a wider meaning. Roughly, […]

Inside of a dog

¤ Alexandra Horowitz: ‘Inside of a dog’ ⇓

In Inside of a Dog (What Dogs See, Smell and Know), Alexandra Horowitz evokes the dog’s perspective by interweaving the science of dog cognition and perception with personal reflections on her own dog’s behavior. Ranging from what it might be like to […]

Brian Eno + Elvis Costello

Here’s an extract from Brian Eno‘s explanation of this random collection of maxims or aphorisms aimed at helping artists approach their work.

«These cards evolved from our separate working procedures. It was one of the many cases during the friendship that he [Peter Schmidt] and I where we arrived at a […]

Do you want to be successful? All you need is …

Strange as it might seem, the answer is … SLEEP.

Watch the video and sleep on it!