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Bonnie Scotland

If you’re travelling to Scotland it may be worth learning some of these words. They are heard everywhere, and most of them have been included in the corpus of modern English vocabulary.

←Wauk yer wits


↓ Caa canny!

◊ Scottish Independence 2014 The Reckoning ↓ [original […]

Good for a laugh

∞ Cheech & Chong, aka. ‘Los Cochinos’, come across some poop and check it out ⇒


. . . DOGSHIT? ⇒

♣ An Irish joke ↓ ‘ cocksucker!’

Dylan Moran’s Irish […]

David Shrigley


◊ Who I Am and What I Want ↓

•→ A bedtime story ⇐ ♦ Blur ↓ ‘Good Song’

Waiting, I got […]

Liz Lochhead + Ivor Cutler

¤ Liz Lochhead ⇓

⇒Makar Liz Lochhead was born in 1947 in Motherwell, from where the family moved to the nearby village of Newarthill. It was a “very normal, very Scottish, very proddy, posh working-class / lower middle-class life”. Everyone in family read a lot and used the public library […]

Robert Burns

¤ Robert Burns ⇐ [1759-1796] ⇒ The Peoples Poet ⇐[BBC doc]

«When death’s dark stream I ferry o’er, A time that surely shall come; In Heaven itself, I’ll ask no more, Than just a Highland welcome.» ◊→ «A RED, RED ROSE» ⇓

O, my luve’s like a red, red rose, That’s newly sprung […]

The Wasp Factory [I. Banks]

If you’ve read Iain Banks‘s novel, you’ll enjoy the BBC-Radio 4 interview.


Includes an excerpt from Chapter 8 read by Iain Banks himself. Transcript below . . .

Iain Banks meets James Naughtie and readers at the National Library of Scotland in Edinburgh to talk about his […]

Dix heures et demie du soir en été . . .

Rodrigo Paestra shots his unfaithful wife dead ↓ [10:30 P.M. Summer – directed by Jules Dassin, 1966]

From 1983, 10.30 On a Summer Night is Richard Jobson‘s own adaption of texts from the passionate novel by French author Marguerite Duras (1914 – 1996), the story of a […]

Robert Louis Stevenson

1850 – 1894 ¤ The Beach of Falesá The story is told in the first person by John Wiltshire, a British copra trader on the fictional South Sea island of Falesá. Upon arriving on the island, he meets a rival trader named Case, who (in an apparently friendly gesture) arranges for him to be «married» […]

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle


♦ ◊ ♦ ◊ Sherlock Holmes and the Sign of Four ↓

At the outset of the novel Doctor Watson states that he has been watching Holmes takes cocaine three times a day for many months. Watson’s reluctance to oppose Holmes is finally overcome and he confronts his friend […]

The Whistlebinkies + Robin Williamson

For almost 40 years the Whistlebinkies have toured the world with their own brand of authentic Scottish traditional music. The quirky name is derived from the old Scots word for a bench: a ‘bink’. A whistlebinkie was someone who played the whistle whilst sitting on the bink. Other musicians who joined became known […]

Emily Smith + Rod Stewart

•→ Emily Smith introducing «TRAIVELLER’S JOY» (released on Jan. 24th, 2011)

◊ ‘Sweet Lover of Mine’ ↓ 2011 Cambridge Folk Festival

As I cam o’er by Bonny Moor Hill – Every rose grows bonny in time I met a wee lass, and they ca’ed her Nell – Longing to […]

Shut Your Mouth

◊ from the album «Here Come The Vikings» ↓ by Astrid Williamson

Invisible – the space that lies between Nobody’s fool – you know exactly what it means And having me, I need to feel your touch And having me, please ‘cos I want you, I want you this much Yeah, I want […]

This Is The Life

→ Amy MacDonald← LIVE @ Rob Brydon Show BBC 2 (14.08.2012)

I get up in the evening, and I ain’t got nothing to say I come home in the morning, I go to bed feeling the same way I ain’t nothing but tired, man I’m just tired and bored with […]

I wish I was a punk rocker . . .

«I Wish I Was a Punk Rocker (With Flowers in My Hair)« was the debut single by Sandi Thom. The song, originally released in 2005, was written by Tom Gilbert and Thom herself. She got slagged off by not few of her peers…

[Chorus] Oh I wish I was a punk rocker with […]

Promised You A Miracle

Martha Wainwright and Jim Kerr recorded an original version of the iconic Simple Minds song ‘Promised You a Miracle’, to draw attention to the hundreds of thousands of women still dying from avoidable complications in childbirth and pregnancy.

Ten years ago world leaders signed up to the Millenium Development Goals […]