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¤ Ethnocide in the Outback

An animated history of Australia, from European discovery to modern days; funny, slapstick humour, with a little satire thrown in ↓

◊ Australian Aboriginal Genocide ↓ [info from Australian government sources]

◊ Aboriginal History ↓ From the Dreamtime to the arrival of the British…till now.

Ireland = Eire + Ulster

A tourist walks into a Dublin pub looking for directions and encounters Ding Dong Denny O’Reilly at the bar. Ding Dong insists on telling him the «real» history of Ireland over a number of pints. From the Normans to the Famine to 1916 and the sex shops of O’Connell Street, […]


•→ Visions of Wales ←• «We have for you tonight a fine young comic who’s been nominated for just every new comedy award going, but it hasn’t been easy for him because he’s come up against lots of prejudice and discrimination to get where he is today. Yes, folks, he’s Welsh. Please go absolutely mad […]

Bonnie Scotland

If you’re travelling to Scotland it may be worth learning some of these words. They are heard everywhere, and most of them have been included in the corpus of modern English vocabulary.

←Wauk yer wits


↓ Caa canny!

◊ Scottish Independence 2014 The Reckoning ↓ [original […]

Female Charm

♥ Silent film actresses ↓ [Chopin Nocturne Opus 9 No. 2 in E Flat Major]

– Clara Bow, – Louise Brooks, – Bebe Daniels, – Nita Naldi, – Norma Talmadge,

– Constance Talmadge, – Lillian Gish, – Dorothy Gish, – Pola Negri, […]

Milo Manara

Maurilio Manara — known professionally as Milo Manara — (born September 12, 1945 in Lüsen (Luson), Bolzano-Bozen): an Italian comic book creator (writer and artist), best known for his erotic approach to the medium.

◊ Sex & Civilization ↓

◊ «Gasoline» ↓ […]

The Art of Illustration

Illustrators articulate what a photograph cannot. Using an array of techniques and styles, illustrators evoke stories and meaning in a variety of mediums, from editorial illustration in magazines and newspapers, to comics books, to activist media. And as their tasks over the years have become less informational […]

Andy Warhol

¤ Synopsis of biography below . . .

Born Andrew Warhola on August 6, 1928 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Andy Warhol’s parents were Slovakian immigrants, living in one of Pittsburgh’s Eastern European ethnic enclaves.

At the age of 8, Warhol contracted Chorea—also known as St. Vitus’s Dance—a rare and sometimes fatal […]

David Lynch


1. Eraserhead (song: In heaven) 2. The elephant man (song: Recapitulation) 3. Dune (song: Toto – Main title) 4. Blue velvet (song: Bobby Vinton – Blue velvet) 5. Twin peaks (song: Julee Cruise – Falling) 6. Wild at heart (song: Nicholas Cage – Love me tender) 7. Fire walk with me (song: […]


This is the home of a fun method for both learning and perfecting your English. It primarily focuses on spoken English.

The use of this method may improve your fluency. This “English Gaps” shows pronunciation and accents.

¤ Taylor Swift:

‘We’re Never Ever Getting Back Together’⇒


Animal Farm [G Orwell]

George Orwell (1903 – 1950) was the pen name of Eric Blair, a British political novelist and essayist whose pointed criticisms of political oppression propelled him into prominence toward the middle of the twentieth century. He could not turn a blind eye to the cruelties and hypocrisies of Soviet Communist Party, which had […]

Speak my language!

A few extracts from Laurie Anderson‘s Stories form the Nerve Bible.

• On The Way To Jerusalem ↑

There was a devout nun in the XVth century who decided to make a pilgrimage to Jerusalem; and she belonged to an order that wore bags over their heads. And the mother […]

Iggy Pop + Lou Reed

«I had just learned to smoke (cigarettes and grass), and I was excited about it. I had always had asthma and couldn’t smoke. One day I was walking down the street and someone blew a puff in my face from a passing cigarette on a fall day, which is always the worst season. […]

Bill Laswell + David Byrne

The first track from the album City Of Light, by Bill Laswell. It was released Jun 17, 1997 on the Sub Rosa label. In conjunction with the spiritually-infused spoken lines of Lori Carson, Laswell and his crew unearth rhythms seared from volcanic chasms, old tongues, and primitive civilizations.

· […]

Amanda Palmer + Mayo Thompson

¤ Amanda Palmer & The Grand Theft Orchestra ⇐

♦ ‘Want It Back’ ↓

Hearts on a string Like an older fashioned phone can Bang, ringy-ring and you think you’re gonna get some Thing you can bring to a party at your wake not Thinking of the thing that you pay […]

Alison Krauss + Norah Jones

¤ Alison Krauss ◊ ‘Lay My Burden Down’ ↓

Gonna lay my burden down – lay my body in the ground Cold clay against my skin but I don’t care at all

Can’t seem to find my piece of mind so with the earth I’ll lay entwined Six feet underground – my feet are […]

ani difranco + Patti Smith

•→ ‘Woe be gone’ ⇐[«Allergic to water»_ 2014]

♦ ‘See See See See’ ⇓ (live)

… Baby if you like What you see see see see Then make me feel nice And baby tell me, tell me Tell me with your eyes Tell me in the glance of […]

Tom Waits + Bruce Sprinsteen

¤ TOM WAITS ⇐ •→Rock’n’Roll Hall of Fame⇐ / •→⇐


♥→‘Heart Attack & Wine’ ⇓ ♠ ‘Xmas Card From A Hooker In Minneapolis’ ⇓

hey charlie i’m pregnant and living on the 9th street right above a dirty bookstore off euclid avenue and i stopped takin’ dope […]

Tony Joe White + J J Cale

Some people talk just to hear their lips rattle Got to high positions – Same old ship but with a different paddler Told me that I had to get commercialized if I was gonna fit in with the show, no Don’t want no one telling me I got to I move in […]

Bob Dylan + The Band

•→⇐ «I’ve always been a fan of Dylan’s paintings and drawings. I love his hockey player painting, used by the Band on their LP cover for Music from Big Pink. I also love Dylan’s painting for his own album Self Portrait. Before we parted, I asked Bob if he could do a charcoal drawing for […]